…and now we have been

| August 19, 2018

Thread Fourteen …and now we have been…and we have returned. The landscapes of France and Flanders…London…have offered of themselves…their connections to us. We have rediscovered, found, observed and, above all, we have become connected. In finding the threads between the thimbles and needles we have bore witness the fabric of history…perhaps patchwork…but ours for all […]

Sound, light, colour…history

| August 17, 2018

Thread Thirteen From Buckingham Palace Road we turn onto Birdcage Walk, bypassing the tourists who have lined up along the gates to view the Guards. Instead of joining the onlookers we choose instead to visit the Guards Chapel, badly damaged by a V-1 flying bomb attack in 1944. Smaller Chapels to the Guards Regiments line […]

The Dust of Each Conflict

| August 16, 2018

Thread Twelve The heat wave has relented and for much of the day we venture forward in the downpour. Rain-water bounces off the taut umbrella towards me managing to find those points at the neckline where it can scurry its chill down one’s back. Meanwhile, I attempt to skirt the roaring streams that run along […]

When the World Stands Before Us

| August 15, 2018

Thread Eleven The entrance way of the Victoria and Albert Museum is crowded with visitors this August day, anxious to make their way towards their interests and expectations. Throughout the structure countless, precious items are exhibited. Cameras focus and snap on specific items, some objects hold visitors for lengthy terms while others are passed by […]

Paddington: A soldier and a bear

| August 14, 2018

Thread Ten From London Victoria we walk to Paddington Station, to visit a well known bear and to revisit with a soldier statue. The latter created by Charles Sargeant Jagger MC as the Great Western Railway War Memorial. Jagger was an experienced Great War officer with the Worcestershire Regiment and was wounded on three occasions […]