Inspiration from Historic Events

| February 27, 2011

The Ones That Went Before The King’s Speech has been an important film, allowing David Seidler, whose hero was the King, put pen to paper because they shared a struggle with words. And yet the man who brought these words to the film, and given the King his voice to us from the pages of […]

16th Battalion Badges -Getting it right –

| February 25, 2011

Below appear a few of the authentic WWI issued 16th Battalion badges in Dale’s collection. In an effort to ensure the authenticity of this film in every aspect, Dale has graciously lent these originals to the production from which exact copies will be struck. Pipe Major McGuire has also been generous in lending an original Lennox tartan bag cover and ribbons from that period.

I wish to publicly thank them both here.

For these men, whose lives have been lived honoring the proud traditions of the 16th Battalion, there is no compromise. They understand the need to ‘get it right.’

Remember the (piper at the) Alamo!

| February 24, 2011

John McGregor was a Scotsman, and a hero of Texas’ Independence; a martyr of one of the world’s most universally sympathetic battles, and is worthy of our respect, and of the honors bestowed upon him at this year’s anniversary ceremonies. If it had been Culloden or Glen Coe, the man could not have died more honorably, nor the memory of what he died for lived any longer in men’s minds. Throughout the world, even the most benighted of cultures, which have possibly never heard of those two other places, nor know what happened there, have virtually to the last soul heard of The Alamo, and will nod their heads in understanding, knowing how important it was to recognize the part John McGregor played

The Pipers of Bannockburn

| February 23, 2011

The throne of Scotland was left vacant after Alexander III died falling from a cliff while ridding a horse in the year 1286. When no clear heir was apparent, the King of England set his sights on the land to the north. Anyone familiar with the motion picture ‘Braveheart’ knows the story of Scotland’s struggle […]

The Abbey

| February 22, 2011

A Visit to the Garden I can hear the pipes tonight, and I am pleased with the week’s research having discovered that at least one piper has given melodic life to the drifting winds around solemn grounds near Caen. I recall when my two friends and I chose to visit the Abbaye d’Ardenne and how […]