| April 29, 2012

Fragments of Memory Like inverted stakes in the hearts of France and Flanders, the splintered trees from the fields of battle stand as rooted silhouettes. Their splinters litter the ground on which men once walked, crawled or ran; the belligerent skelfs, large and small, hurling about tearing and ripping the flesh, piercing the souls of […]

Sister in a Titan’s Shadow

| April 15, 2012

RMS Britannic Another White Star Line Sinking This week has seen an extraordinary amount of film at home and in the theatre with the launch of James Cameron’s 3-D version of Titanic. Ceremonies have recognized the 100th anniversary of the loss of this titan on its maiden voyage, such as in Halifax, (the City of […]

On This Day

| April 9, 2012

William Johnstone Milne, V.C. 16th Canadian Infantry Battalion W.J. Milne of Cambusnethan, Scotland (located south-east of Glasgow) came to Canada in 1910 and lived on the Canadian prairies near to the town of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan where he found work on a farm. With the outbreak of  the Great War he joined the 46th Battalion C.E.F. […]

Loved and Were Loved

| April 4, 2012

For My Sweetheart They left all that was dear to them behind, parents, family, and sweethearts, those that were most familiar to them. Home, the farm, the school, a favorite friend, a family pet, routine, and the day they knew. Hearing the call to war, the volunteers stepped to the fore and entered into the […]