Christ Church Cathedral and the Canadian Scottish

| July 25, 2015

Reflecting Upon Regimental Colours The Canadian Scottish Memorial at Pioneer Square is located near to Christ Church Cathedral adopted by the Canadian Scottish regiment as their Regimental Chapel, September 16, 2001. A recent visit to the memorial and cathedral reminded me once again of connections to the Great War. Of particular interest to the Canadian […]

A Bouquet of Flowers

| November 12, 2012

The Wedding of Lady Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon That dear lady, the late Queen Mother was married to the Duke of York, later King George VI, at Westminster Abbey April 26, 1923. As she entered the Abbey she quite unexpectedly laid her bouquet of flowers at the tomb of the British Unknown Warrior. Her act […]

For the Red Bee Hums the Silent Twilight’s Fall

| March 1, 2012

End theme “Tumbledown”; cue The Corries, the Garten Mother’s Lullaby Every once in a while you come across a person, who you have never met and never known. Yet the story is there, at first hinted at by the accidental discovery of an image, a page or two from the internet. Then you discover this […]