6 November (1917)…

| November 6, 2021

Gunner Wainwright Merrill served as Arthur Ashton Stanley 343939 6th Siege Battery Canadian Garrison Artillery Though the Wainwright Merrill story can be found elsewhere on the internet (See Lauren D. Sphon: The Harvard Crimson) he is chosen here for a simple reflection on my part….a parent’s walk to their child’s graveside at Ypres Reservoir Cemetery […]

Mud, Memory and Musings

| September 25, 2016

Ypres Day One of Five The train arrives at Lille once again and I am most pleased to be back on this familiar expedition towards the Ypres Salient. As our driver takes us on our journey pastĀ drifting towns, villagesĀ and landmarks he is careful to avoid the many sail-less bicycles drifting to and fro on this […]