Their Name Liveth for Evermore

| November 4, 2019

The Imperial War Graves Commission During the Great War the work of Fabian Ware and his associates in the registration of war graves did not go unnoticed. Ware and others also became concerned for what would become of their work post-war. In January 1916 the National Committee for the Care of Soldier’s Graves was formed. […]

Today’s Objective Was Passchendaele

| September 27, 2016

Ypres Day Three of Five A shorter ride today though at times it felt uphill and against the wind. Determined to push on, today’s objective was Passchendaele – one spot on the high ground that is the Western Front. We were most familiar with Canada’s role in this climb to the top where today the Canadian Memorial […]

Irksome Barnacles

| February 15, 2013

The CEF, Pill-boxes and the Victoria Cross Pill-boxes were annoying obstacles and the cause of considerable struggles on the Western Front. In areas where the water table was near to the surface it was best to build above ground defences rather than dig in. The ground these fortifications commanded, before them and between them, was […]


| February 16, 2012

A Richer Dust Concealed The recent discovery of 21 German soldier’s bodies at Carspach on the south-eastern portion of the Western Front is truly remarkable. With their virtually intact and well preserved trench and underground shelter, this amazing site should be declared a world heritage site. After all it is wooden structures, such as these, that are […]