The Tin Hat on the Somme

| October 7, 2016

I Heard the Clang of a Bullet Some months prior to the attack on Regina Trench, 8 October 1916, Canadian troops were first issued with the steel helmet in the spring of 1916. Patented in London in 1915 by John Leopold Brodie of Buffalo, New York, the helmet came into general use when large quantities […]

The Soldier-Bankers at Regina Trench

| October 8, 2012

On These Days: October 8 & 9, 1916 During the Great War more than 1,700 employees from the Canadian Bank of Commerce enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The Bank was proud of its record and in 1920 the first of a two volume record of service¬†about their staff in the Great War¬†was published. Both […]