Press Release November 11/1/11

Paradigm Motion Picture Company postpones Remembrance Day 11/11/11 event and the premiere of UNPARALLELED VALOUR: THE STORY OF JAMES RICHARDSON, VC to coincide with Canadian Scottish Regiment’s Centennial and the roll-out of educational programs.

Bountiful, UT. October 26, 2011 – Paradigm Motion Picture Company has announced today that it will delay the November 11 Remembrance Day live stage event as well as the world premiere and subsequent distribution of UNPARALLELED VALOUR: The story of James Richardson, VC for a future release.

Paradigm had planned to pay tribute to James Richardson and to the Canadian Military on 11/11/11 by presenting a one night only live stage production, but instead Company Officials have decided to delay that presentation so that it may be associated with the centennial activities of the Canadian Scottish Regiment in 2012.  The live Remembrance Day Event was intended to replace the 11/11/11 premiere of the motion picture UNPARALLELED VALOUR: The Story of James Richardson, VC which is being delayed to coincide with the development and rollout of Paradigm’s educational program and Apps for Canada’s school children.

“The decisions to delay both the premiere of UNPARALLELED VALOUR as well as 11/11/11 Remembrance Day live event were difficult to make,” said Company Officials. “No doubt, many of our fans as well as those of Jimmy Richardson’s story will be as deeply disappointed as we are by this news.  We want to assure all interested parties that the film remains on track for a future premiere.  We had previously announced the premiere of the film for 11/11/11 because of the significance of those numbers.  However as we became involved in the creation of educational programs and Apps for school children we realized it would be more important to premiere the film at a time that it could accompany the introduction of a new era of interactive applications for 21st century education.”

Company officials explained that the decisions were made after carefully considering the impact that their new venture, Paradigm Education Systems (PES), will have on 21st century education for school children across Canada.

Paradigm Education Systems is providing an unprecedented tool for education by combining state of the art interactive digital technologies with captivating cinematic storytelling and is just one of six companies advancing the use of 3D augmented reality for use in books and digital applications.  UNPARALLELED VALOUR: The Story of James Richardson, VC will be premiered as the subject for the first App offered by PES.

When asked if the film had been delayed due to economic setbacks Paradigm Officials stated:  “The economy has certainly impacted most independent production companies.  Many of our sponsors and product placement partners are experiencing financial setbacks. Though we have suffered some unexpected funding delays due to those setbacks, we remain on course, on schedule, and on budget.  Those who are following our progress will, no doubt, question why we have delayed the release of the film several times.  The answer is simple.  We are committed to delivering the consummate film about James Richardson. “

Outside of a few brief details from the life of James Richardson, not much was ever known by scholars about the experiences and events that would mold him into the hero he would become. Rumors had occasionally surfaced that an archive of documents and pictures existed that could shed further light on Canada’s only piper to earn the Victoria Cross. Yet this archive remained a mystery; lost and undiscovered for nearly a century.

Incredibly the Academy Award winning team at Paradigm Motion Picture Company has uncovered that lost archive.

The archive contains an extensive cache of information, photographs, and histories regarding James Richardson that have remained unknown and unseen. It includes over 200 pages written by the hand of James Richardson himself. These pages span a period from August 1914 to October 7, 1916. Indeed one article is dated the very day before Jimmy stood with his pipes in the action that would earn him the Victoria Cross.

Once Paradigm Motion Picture Company was able to authenticate their find they expanded their plans for the film about James Richardson in order to incorporate the archive’s materials.  In doing so Paradigm will be able to provide the most accurate and unprecedented study of Canada’s only piper, ever to earn the Victoria Cross, and the conditions that he and the men of the 16th Battalion encountered during the Great War.

This means that Unparalleled Valour will be Jimmy’s story told in his own words, that the film will be a lasting tribute to his sacrifice and bravery. It means this film will stand apart as something historically significant as it unveils an unprecedented view into the personality, personal thoughts, actions, and war experiences of one of Canada’s greatest heroes.

Paradigm’s officials further explained, “The two occasions we have delayed the film, it has been for the purpose of creating a better product.  By delaying the premiere of the film on 11/11/11 Paradigm Education Systems will introduce school children to the remarkable history of James Richardson at the same time movie going audiences will be experiencing it in a truly innovative way on the large screen. “

Company officials also elaborated on the educational tools being developed by Paradigm Education Systems. PES Applications (Apps) and programs use touch technologies that combine text, expert commentary and archival/artifact materials with cinematic storytelling.  They are Internet enabled with hyperlinks to reference sites. Many include game elements and “choose your own adventure” paths that allow young minds the freedom to explore a subject.

PES sets itself apart from other Apps and program developers by creating strong cinematic storytelling elements that are stimulating and entertaining as they educate.  We incorporate historic figures, historians, and a variety of field experts in each subject that serve as guides for our students while providing interaction with educational subjects in simulated real time events.

PES’ initial educational program and App, the historical based “Windows in Time,” will include a series of “Virtual Fieldtrips” that will allow students the opportunity to time travel into historic subject matter.  In our first App students will take a Virtual Fieldtrip back in time to explore WWI along with Piper James Richardson.

“We are certain that by delaying the rollout of the motion picture to coincide with the introduction of this unique educational experience we will be providing all students, both young and old, a greater opportunity to explore Canada’s history and one of the nation’s most inspirational heroes,” said Ian Williams, Paradigm’s Vice President of Development.


For further information, contact Casey Williams at 801-201-6743


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Ian is an acclaimed writer, producer, and director of documentary films and multimedia events. He is also a competitive bagpiper and has produced large scale multimedia concerts and pipe band recordings. It is his combined passion for film and piping that endow him with a unique and personal perspective for the Pipes of War project.


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