Tender Mercy

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Tender Mercy

by Cathy Erdmann

During the height of the Great War the 16th Battalion Canadian Scottish were detailed to hold the line at Ploegsteert and Hill 63 in Flanders. One night while returning across the broken earth and muddy fields to the rest area from the front, James Richardson was startled by a rustling in the dark. The young soldier immediately dropped into a shell hole, clutching his rifle and waited for the enemy to move. But the enemy never advanced.

Mustering his courage he quietly crawled up the embankment for to look around. He saw nothing. Then a soft whimper broke the tension and there in the moonlight James could see a small black and tan dog tangled in the remnants of broken barbed wire. Carefully James scooped up the pup and by faint moonlight and tender mercy Jimmy gingerly removed the barbs from the delighted dog. Eager to have a new friend the pup lapped at Jimmy’s face, frantically licking the whole of it. The bond was made and for the next several months the boy and his dog were inseparable.

Paradigm Motion Picture Co. is proud to announce a limited edition bronze by the acclaimed artist, Cathy Erdmann. Cathy is renowned for her talent in bringing life and emotion to her sculpture and this exclusive casting is no exception. Cathy was moved by the actual events that set a display of humanity against the brutality of the Great War. Compelled to capture the touching moment portrayed in the film, Unparalleled Valour, The Story of James Richardson VC, Cathy created this emotional piece.

In advance of the film and in honour of the The Canadian Scottish Regiment’s Centennial year, we are pleased to offer the following:

Pre-Casting Special

Pre-Casting $4,700

After Casting $5,200

Casting limited to 25 pieces

 Order now and save $500

Shipping: $50 anywhere in the US. Contact Paradigm at Paradigm.mpc@gmail.com for International Shipping Charges to your location.

Purchase before December 15, 2012 and we will send you a Special Occasion Gift Card suitable for giving!


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