Notes Upon the Landscape

| August 16, 2014

Pipe Major Willie Ross recorded circa 1910 – 1939. James MacDonald of Glencoe, Captain Jack Murray, Reel of Tulloch The Leader of the Band The leader of the band is tired And his eyes are growing old But his blood runs through my instrument And his song is in my soul My life has been […]

The 67th Battalion CEF Pipe Band

| August 10, 2014

Pipes, Frost, a Search and a Discovery Judging from the popularity of the 231st Battalion CEF Pipe Band blog I felt a slight need for an encore presentation. So there I sat, chin in hand with a look of perplexity upon my face, where to turn? It is all well and good to think about a […]

The 231st Battalion CEF Pipe Band

| August 9, 2014

One Thing Leads to Another Constantly Searching Has its Rewards Very recently I met an actor who told me that his great grandfather served during the Great War with the 72nd Battalion C.E.F. I suggested to him that if he were to contact me with his great grandfather’s name I might be able to find […]

A Silver Seven Legend and the Sugar Factory

| January 14, 2012

Frank McGee In 1967 the family Ferguson returned to Canada and for three years lived at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. There was much to learn and amongst the first rediscovered interests were hockey, the National Hockey League, radio broadcasting and Foster Hewitt, and black and white televised games. I recall tuning in the gentle tube radio […]