Side by Side

| May 15, 2011

(Scene – March 2011 – With tea and buttered scones the couple sits at a table and thinks about the day.) All things considered this has been a fine day. It has been great wandering about and now sitting in The Old Brewery it is all rather relaxing and even more so when one realizes […]


| April 25, 2011

(Scene – March 2011 – Reviewing camera pictures as we stroll across the grounds towards the river Thames) As we walk towards the Thames my mind turns to September 1940 and the start of the Blitz on London, England. Is that Edward R. Murrow I hear as I watch out over the landscape? “This is […]


| April 16, 2011

(Scene – present time – sitting at a chair the blogger works into the wee hours of the morning) After enjoying some two weeks away on expedition to London, England and Malta I can at long last put fingers to the keyboard and punch out a few lines about recent adventures. I like to travel, […]