May the Ink Never Fade

Captain Tom Moore, 2020 Fundraising Walk

Burma veteran Captain Thomas Moore, Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, circa 1940.
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The sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away.
Captain Thomas Moore, British Army, 16 April 2020

Clang Clanger, Thump Thumplers and More

The day has arrived at 7 PM. Watched clocks and timepieces have signaled an explosion of clang clangers about the block. Children join with parents as drums, pots and pans are struck in rhythmic and discordant fashions. It is a fine Seuss-like chorus of Jing Tinglers, Gar Ginkers, Trum Tupers and others. In the distance a solitary vuvuzela is heard and on some passing occasions an automobile horn joins in the tribute. I adore these clang clangers, thump thumplers and more. It brings smiles to my face, to my heart, to my core. Outward compassion has been found again.

With this great calamity we have rediscovered our souls and empathy for our kind. Our reward in this great chorus is finding our being. Perhaps we no longer take things for granted, perhaps we have found ways to help our neighbour or another? Though, Covid-19 has claimed much it has also, with our counter-attack, created good deeds in time of need.

Captain Tom

His medals swing-mounted speak of service in Burma during the Second World War. Clutching a walker this elder veteran reaches his 100th garden lap as a military guard of honour salutes this Samaritan. Captain (Retired) Thomas Moore, 99 years of age, is still one of the Havercake Lads of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment (West Riding).

With wire blazer badge, regimental tie and swagger Captain Moore has served his nation once again though, methinks, service has never left him…it’s just more publicly known. His steps have been an inspiration to the National Health Service, to Britons – the common and the royal, to one known soul in Victoria and likely many others across this earthly sphere. Captain Moore’s steps…his good deed…has raised more than £16,000,000 for the British National Health Service, bringing joy and raising spirits in the hearts within the tumult.

Uncommon Connection

In difficult times we ache for inspiration…to find the good within the chaos of clutter. I have listened to the newscasts each day speaking of Captain Moore and have listened each night to the sound of an off-beat orchestra. I find joy bringing together uncommon connection to such differing stories. With the words of “our” Captain and the words of Boris, (Karloff not Johnson) through the pen of Theodor Seuss Gissel. Both story and storyteller bring me joy. May the ink never fade.

To the world you may be one person;
but to one person you may be the world.
Dr. Seuss
Theodor Seuss Gissel, Children’s Author

Link to Fundraising Site
Captain Tom Moore’s 100th Birthday Walk for the NHS

About The Author

Paul has worked with the Paradigm Motion Picture Company since 2009 as producer, historian and research specialist. Paul first met Casey and Ian WIlliams of Paradigm in April 2007 at Ieper (Ypres), Belgium when ceremonies were being held for the re-dedication of the Vimy Memorial, France. Paul's sensitivity to film was developed at an early age seeing his first films at RCAF Zweibrucken, Germany and Sardinia. Paul returned to Canada in 1967 and was captivated by David Lean's "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Bridge on the River Kwai". Over time Paul became increasingly interested in storytelling, content development, character, direction, cinematography, narration and soundtracks. At the University of Victoria, Paul studied and compared Japanese and Australian film and became interested in Australian film maker Peter Weir and his film "Gallipoli" (1981). Paul was inspired when he learned Weir visited the beaches, ridges and ravines of the peninsula. "Gallipoli", the film, led Paul on many journeys to sites of conflict in England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Malta, Hawaii, Gallipoli, North Macedonia and Salonika. When Paul first watched documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, "The Civil War", Paul understood how his own experience and insight could be effective and perhaps influential in film-making. Combining his knowledge of Museums and Archives, exhibitions and idea strategies with his film interests was a natural progression. Paul thinks like a film-maker. His passion for history and storytelling brings to Paradigm an eye (and ear) to the keen and sensitive interests of; content development, the understanding of successful and relational use of collections, imagery and voice. Like Paul's favorite actor, Peter O'Toole, Paul believes in the adage “To deepen not broaden.” While on this path Paul always remembers his grandmother whose father did not return from the Great War and how his loss shaped her life and how her experience continues to guide him.


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  1. pferguson pferguson says:

    Captain Tom Moore has a Number 1 song hit with singer Michael Ball OBE. Our good Captain Tom, at age 99, has become the oldest person to score a number one recording with the song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. The song further features the NHS Voices of Care Choir.

  2. pferguson says:

    On this Thursday morning…
    Happy Birthday to Captain Tom…100 years of age!
    On this milestone day we give thanks and celebration. To you and yours all the best.

    The fund now at £31,546,805
    Supported by 1,468,428 persons

    Captain Moore’s original target was £1000. Due to overwhelming response the target was raised to £500,000.

  3. pferguson says:

    Well done everyone….as of midnight (UK)…and continuing to grow.

    The fund now at £32,784,018
    Supported by 1,519,129 persons

    Captain Moore’s original target was £1000. Due to overwhelming response the target was raised to £500,000.

    The fund has now closed off at 12:08 AM UK time.
    Closing at £32,793,043
    Supported by 1,519,257 persons
    Exceeding the target goal by 6558%

    Last minute donations continue to be processed and I will provide another update early tomorrow morning.

  4. pferguson says:

    1 May 2020

    Final tally appears to be…£32,795,707 from 1,519,358 supporters.
    Exceeding the target goal by 6559%

    The JustGiving website reports…
    “Captain Tom is putting his feet up after raising an astonishing sum of money for NHS Charities Together.”

    Donations are still being accepted “You can still help provide essential support for NHS staff and volunteers by making a donation to the charity through their JustGiving page.”

  5. pferguson pferguson says:

    News this day…Tom Moore knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. “I am absolutely overawed.” (Captain Sir Tom Moore).

  6. pferguson says:

    Saddened to learn this day that Captain Sir Tom Moore has left us. Long may he be remembered…a most gracious fellow. You will never walk alone in the arms of angels.

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